CLAIMFOX IS THE INDUSTRY LEADER IN PROVIDING CLAIMS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS TO INSURANCE COMPANIES AND THIRD PARTY ADMINISTRATORS FOR OVER 15 YEARS. We are the intersection between specialty resources, proprietary process, and optimized financial return in the execution of high volume document reproduction.

ClaimFox helps insurance companies and third party administrators optimize the processing of claims data requests and document reproduction.

We specialize in claim request and subpoena processing including arbitration, litigation and subrogation document preparation. Many of our clients also rely on us for house counsel document compilation, data entry, and mail room support. Our solutions are prevalent in departments such as PIP, SIU, Underwriting, Casualty, and Policy Service.

We offer a complete solution that will (1) ensure compliance and security, (2) centralize and standardize claims data processes and requests, (3) eliminate internal costs and resource drag and, (4) enhance your current solution.